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If you are a member of the uniformed Armed Forces, you and your family may find yourselves in an uncomfortable position following a serious medical-related injury or incidence of military medical malpractice. You will need to take legal action against the government for the conduct of its doctors, nurses, or other military health care providers who acted negligently or were guilty of medical error or malpractice. In these cases, it is important to know that the government you serve has a legal and moral duty to you and your dependents. Obtaining legal support ensures that the government becomes fully aware of the extent of the injury or impact of the wrongful death in your family so that it can respond appropriately.

Swartz & Reed has a single objective: to protect the legal rights of victims of medical malpractice. In 1984, Dean Swartz and Barry Reed, M.D., founded Swartz & Reed in Washington, DC. This 32 year long partnership ended in 2016 when Barry Reed decided to retire from active practice of law. Doctor Reed, however, remains a valuable source of support to Dean Swartz who continues to serve families around the nation and worldwide from Swartz & Reed’s office in New Albany, Ohio.

Military Medical Malpractice & Negligent Death Cases

If you or a loved one has suffered an injury through medical error or negligence or if your family has lost a loved one during or shortly after a medical procedure, we urge you to discuss your situation with a military medical malpractice lawyer at our firm as soon as possible. We have extensive experience in this highly specialized area of law. Evaluation of these situations is often very intense, technical, and time-consuming, which limits the number of cases that we can take on. Each client we do represent, however, is given thorough and detailed attention from a team of experienced attorneys who have military, medical, and legal experience. We have obtained multi-million dollar settlements and verdicts for clients in cases such as pregnancy and childbirth complications, blood vessel disorders, cardiovascular conditions and complications, misdiagnosis of infection, paralysis, and surgical errors. We also represent clients in cases involving distress, birth, anoxic brain damage and cerebral palsy, failure to diagnose cancer, serious infections leading to catastrophic injury, emergency room negligence, and more.

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We also work with referring lawyers nationwide. If your client has a potential military medical malpractice case that resulted in catastrophic injury or death that requires legal handling by a highly-qualified military medical malpractice attorney, we invite you to contact our firm to find out how we can assist you in helping your client.

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